Friday, February 6, 2009


I have the great privilege of teaching k-2nd graders at my church! I have learned so MUCH, I have heard words that caused my eyes to well up with tears,"Hey, Mr. Callaway, you got something in your eye??..(well, My wife thinks sometimes I have a beam(log) in there- I say it's only a speck- ). I have looked away from their eyes when I started to laugh at something they said- and there are times when we laugh together! Those are fun times! I have been blessed with lots of young friends over the past 12 years! I am thankful for ALL of them-Last year , one of my young friends taught me something I will never forget! It was a little boy who looked up at me and said," Mr. Callaway, If you ever come over to my house, you can come in my room, AND I will show you ALL MY STUFF," He wanted me to know that He and I were REAL friends- this little boy taught me a great lesson... NOW, it's true that My young friend was talking about airplanes, and trucks, and army men and such.. but the point is: I was going to see ALL of it! Thats Friendship!!He wanted me to know WHO HE REALLY IS!! , what he is all about!!Some of us have real friends like that. We can show them our stuff and even if it's not very "nice stuff", they still love us.. because they are our REAL FRIENDS! They love us.. and when we are needing some help cleaning up things.. they are willing to help.. they are just glad that we feel comfortable enough to let our guard down! I have a Friend who wants to come into my room and see my stuff! He is such real Friend - He already KNOWS about everything that's there! Most of the time I let Him sit in the front room where everything is nice and neat.."hey, how bout that Pine paneling?? You like the retro look??"Stay here and I will get you a glass of sweet tea.. no I do'nt need any help.. I can manage!!- but He wants to go through my closets, and those bottom drawers, He wants to look under my Bed- HE thinks that there is some cleaning that needs to happen.. in those secret places- you know.. the places where we try to hide our stuff- Sometimes He makes me SO UNCOMFORTABLE.. but then I remember! He knows whats there already - and he knows it's not very "nice".. but He STILL loves me! It's OK to show HIM what I AM ALL ABOUT.. WHO I REALLY AM.. to SHARE MY HEART WITH HIM!!! WHY..., well because that's what HE showed me: what HE is ALL about- WHO HE REALLY IS- HE held NOTHING BACK,....

".. But I have called you FRIENDS, for ALL THINGS I have heard from my Father, I have made known to you"..

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  1. I think that I might know who that little boy is and we will just have to arrange that visit to his room to see all of his stuff!! Love to you and Maria and thanks for the reminder to live before the face of God.

    Coram Deo