Wednesday, February 4, 2009


You see them every day.. you pass them on the sidewalk.. you work with them.. yep. you guessed it "MEN" .. and chances are, that at least one of the men that you know is walking around with a HUGE burden on his back- it is so monstrous that it has paralyzed him- and he can't love his wife, bless his children, relate to older men... or REALLY do anything- without this"thing" getting in the way! .. This Burden?? well, it's really a "wound" but it has turned into a HUGE cut that bleeds his soul... and sometimes it's easier to let the wound stay just like it is.. the HEALING process takes a little work,. no need to hurry...You can pretend that the wound is really NOT that bad..(Doc, it's only a scratch)
Most men (especially, those of us who were born in the 50s and 60s) feel like we were never given the blessing from our fathers!!We feel like we have NEVER measured up in our dad's eyes!We were'nt good enough! You know.. the meaningful conversation when our Dad said" Son, I am proud of you! I love you, and I am thankful for you!!" well, If you are a MAN and your Dad did that for you... You need to be thankful.. most of us didnt get that blessing.. !! AND IF YOU DID"NT GET IT- thats ok too!! because you have the BLESSING of being the initiator.. YEP guys .. it's up to you!! You see.. lots of times.. your Dad couldn't help it.. he did the BEST he could.. He was raised to believe that If he worked A LOT, and provided for you and your family, he was SHOWING you that he loved you.. He was taught it by His Dad who was taught it by.. ok you got the idea, right? it's a cycle and it's time for it to's true , you need that blessing from your Dad, you need to be honest about the things you have struggled with.. but GUESS WHAT? YOUR DAD NEEDS IT !!!So here's what you do: Go to your Dad. Tell him EXACTLY how you feel.. He might get defensive( might?? ok he WILL get furious.. maybe!), but after he calms down.. you do something that will make you stronger than you have ever been in your life.. You tell HIM that YOU LOVE HIM.. Thank him for working hard.. providing for you ..( do'nt mention your ball games he did'nt attend.. remember- he did'nt know.. ) and HUG him! At that moment something miraculous will happen... That weakness that always frustrated you.. that wound will be healed by forgiveness and Love! The weakness will be replaced by a strength that will enable you to LOVE your wife, you will be able to tell your children that you are thankful for them, you are proud of them.. you love them! You say I ca'nt do this!! I do'nt want to make my Dad feel bad.. I dont want to confront HIM..!!!but Dear REader, you MUST DO THIS.. GOD WILL GIVE YOU HIS can do it.. and after you talk to your Dad- after you walk away, your dad will be thinking.. " I wonder why HE waited so long ..... GUYS- IT'S TIME..he's waiting...