Tuesday, December 7, 2010

" TREASURE" IN THE LIBRARY( Mrs. Neal shared with us!)

I ca'nt remember the first time I saw her... but as long as I can remember, she wore that beautiful crown of  white hair- My parents who grew up here in our little town knew her, they knew her story. They can tell you where she was born, where she went to college, and where she  met Mr. Neal. I ca'nt tell you those things... but I can tell you about her treasure- YES.. she had LOTS of treasure stored up... but you could'nt see it- or could you?????

She was our librarian when I was in elementary school. I ca'nt remember any specific conversations that I had with her in those days- but I do remember a Friend of hers that was always with her, there in the Library. She introduced Him to many hundreds of students through the years.

I remember the first time she introduced her Friend to us. It was just a couple of days before Christmas Break, and we spent our library time watching a slide show( remember those?). Mrs. Neal made sure that her students heard  the true story of Christmas. The story of Jesus's life was flashed upon that little screen in the school library for all and everyone to see-  we were told of  His death, burial, and resurrection . We were introduced to Him;  the Gospel message was clearly presented , We saw Mrs Neal's  GREATEST Treasure, it was a pearl of great price....

Because she was a daughter of the all loving and generous King, she shared His treasure with everyone. She was always willing and ready to help those in need, she always had a listening ear, and she poured her life into the young people of Fayette County. All of us are blessed because she loved us-

I appreciated Joan Neal because she was not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. " Her" Jesus was ( and IS) the REAL JESUS... She shared a Jesus who came to earth to die for us, to pay for our sins- so that we could be forgiven of our sins.

 - She went to be with her Friend the other day. She is now completely healed, she is at complete and perfect rest, she is MORE ALIVE than she has ever been... and we are blessed because she was with us for a while- She touched so many lives with the Father's Love- Jesus said that when we spend time sharing HIS LOVE with others, we are" storing up treasures in Heaven , where moth and rust can not corrupt- "

Thank you Mrs Neal for showing us what is really important, Thank you for showing us your Treasure... and thank you for Sharing Him