Tuesday, February 10, 2015

ADRIAN'S HUNGER- Reflections on the Monterrey Vision Trip

He looked like "just a boy"  ..this humble handsome young man of God-. his hair neatly styled,,, his suit.. his tie.. the shine of his shoes almost mirror-like. Yes, His entire appearance spoke professionalism, order, and determination. His young beautiful smiling wife stood by his side at the Lectern. All of us seated at the conference table were ready to hear about their ministry- and how we might be a part of the work that the Lord is doing in Mexico. The Power Point presentation began.. the binders were filled with information on Church plants, training opportunities, ministry partners, and statistics. There was no question in my mind- the people who welcomed us to Monterrey are seeing TRANSFORMATION.. they are on a mission,,.. a RESCUE MISSION.. they are living their lives in a special way..

Adrian told us about hearts filled with fear, frustration, and futility. He told us a little of his story- how that just six years ago, he existed in a world of drugs and "cutting".. his soul hungered for fulfillment, his body screamed for healing- he had run from HOPE and Healing for so many years...then.. in a treatment facility, he remembered the Good News of the Gospel.. that Jesus Christ came to this earth to forgive us of our sins... to heal us... and to set the captives free.. He realized HE NEEDED the FREEDOM that Christ can give... He remembered the promise of Jesus," Come unto me.. and I will give you rest.."Jesus came to Adrian.. rescued him... and recruited him FOR THE RESCUE MISSION- that's how " Proyecto Alfa" began
later that evening, Pastor Andres hosted us in his home- and shared with us the way his ministry trains and mentors church planters and leaders. His vision is one of TRANSFORMATION- partnering with people like Adrian and Michelle .. the little stream that flows from the threshold of the Temple is becoming a deep and wide river, the leaves of the trees that line it's banks are for the HEALING of the NATIONS... the leaven of the Gospel is traveling throughout the culture of DEATH bringing LIFE to EVERYTHING it touches.. the Mustard seed is growing into a strong and mighty tree.. the largest in the Garden... providing refuge for all those who seek forgiveness and healing in the Savior... CPI is sowing the Seeds of Good News...
as we sat at the table, a delicious meal was served to us- and Pastor Dale, Spenser Gray and Maria and I were blessed to be at the table with Adrian and Michelle.. we heard MORE of His story.. he said,
" when I was living in the prison of darkness and pain.. I NEVER DREAMED I would be set free... I never dreamed that God would give me a life filled with such LOVELY blessings.. my beautiful wife.. my lovely children.. this joy and peace that Jesus gives... this healing... my ONLY desire is to see others cry out to the Lord for forgiveness of their sin.. and to be healed,....to come to know the one true God...
                      after we finished dinner.. we continued talking and visiting with ministry leaders and friends- Adrian told me that the REHAB center where he was staying when He came to Christ DISCOURAGED HIM from talking about JESUS healing HIM and saving HIM...at one point.. threatening to take away his food if he didn't stop sharing,,,, he didn't stop sharing Jesus... he went HUNGRY... they dismissed him from the center,,, and God began equipping him for the rescue mission

            Adrian is NEVER HUNGRY THESE DAYS.. he is feasting on the Bread of Life.. the thirst in His heart has been quenched with the Life giving WATER of God's Spirit.." Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after Righteousness.. for they shall be filled"
          Pray for the Ministry of CPI.. as they train Church leaders.. plant churches... and partner with those like Adrian and Michelle. sharing the Saving , Healing, transforming power of Jesus Christ