Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Every Summer when I was a child, we would be invaded by the yankees... it was a scary time... we knew that they were'nt going to burn our farms and march to the Sea- but they WERE going to ATTACK!!!... NOT with guns... but with their WORDS and their condescending attitude. Believe you me.. thats almost as bad as burning down your farmhouse and/or stealing your hogs!!!.. As we say in the Holy land, It flew all over me when those brash Boston braggarts made fun of us and our "country" way of life. Those yankees were'nt really my enemies... they were my cousins..We always enjoyed their visits. We would have a great time playing in the creek, running thru the woods, and hearing about life in the big city of Boston... They got a big kick out of our "simpler" way of life..- they could'nt resist the smart -aleck comments- you know what I'm talking about: " Man, they shut this place down when it gets dark do'nt they?", I've seen the Beverly Hillbillies but now I've seen where all the GEORGIA Hillbillies live, "There's not much to do here after YOU-ALL ( They never figured out that it's "YA'LL" NOT YOU-ALL) slop the hogs is there..???. this place is so boring"..... You've heard statements like that thousands of times... the city folks always making fun of the country folks .. it's a story as old as Theophrastus and his diatribe against garrulity( more about that in another blog). The thing that really made them laugh was reading our small town newspaper. They would grin like mules eating briars when they read the news from the local communities in our county. Those of you who live in small towns know what I am talking about... it's something like this:


Sally Jenkins and family enjoyed a wonderful visit from the Smith family on Sunday. Sally's cousin Emma Peabody cooked a wonderful fried chicken dinner for the out-of-town guests..

John Blackshear and Martin Cook went to Simpson's Lake Saturday and caught lots of catfish and bass.. and thats a good thing because they are in charge of the fish fry next weekend at the Church of God!!!. Be sure to pray for "Miss" Maggie Wellborn. She fell while she was working in her garden and broke her hip..

My sophisticated big city cousins thought that it was hilarious - THESE kind of "stories" are published in a newspaper..??? Why would YOU-ALL( They NEVER got that it was "YALL"- not YOU ALL) wanna know what other people are doing on the weekend, who came to visit them, or what they were eating on Friday night...?? That shows how "simple" youse country bumpkins are ! You see my big city cousins didnt understand that the simple things in life are really important.. Time with friends, family, a good meal with loved ones, these are the moments that add meaning to our lives. No matter where we live or how much money we make... those are the moments that bring us joy.. and we love hearing about others who find joy in the simple things in life. It reminds us that we are all the same... thats comforting!.God created us to interact with others, to be interested in others lives, to care about our fellowman.. and it's encouraging to know that LOTS of people are "getting it" because of Facebook- YEP- That's RIGHT FACEBOOK is helping us to be "SIMPLER" folks- Think about it... right NOW... as you are reading this about 300 million people are posting on their "status" : " Had Pizza for Supper- YUMMY" ... or " Going to the beach this weekend - Woo-Hoo" or... " Pray for my Sister- she was in an accident"... do ya see what's happened to us??? we have realized that the simple things in life are really important.. it brings us joy knowing that our friend in Sweden is going to enjoy dinner with his family... or that he is excited about his new job... it comforts us to be reminded that we are ALL the same in so many ways... that's not only SMALL TOWN NEWS... its BIG CITY NEWS... IT"S BIG WORLD NEWS... excuse me yall I gotta sign off now, I have to go check my Boston cousin's facebook status..His Latest status update was this:, " Had some wicked chowder on the Cape- stopping off at the Stop and shop , then headed home" :)