Thursday, February 12, 2009


The other day as I was driving home from work, I was SO TIRED of hearing Sean say, "you're a great American" ten thousand times in a row, that I turned off the radio and did something else.... I started THINKING.. (yeah it happens sometimes.). and I was looking ahead to how I was going to pay everything that was coming up.. you know like I said.I was. just thinking.. looking ahead.. not worrying( ok you caught me.. but I was only doing it in moderation- after all I am a Presbyterian.. we do ALL THINGS in moderation, decently, and in order). So while I was NOT WORRYING, I pulled up to my mailbox and pulled out a plain envelope addressed to Clay and Maria Callaway-block letters-no return address.. the funny thing is the minute I opened it- I knew what was in it.. a smaller envelope that said' Use this for your family's medical expenses-past or future"" Inside was a 100 dollar bill.. I knew it, the minute I saw the envelope, that it was one of those reminders.. you know Our Heavenly Father was tapping me on the shoulder; He was whispering to me,"hey, I AM HERE", I am with you, I WILL PROVIDE" Now SOME PEOPLE might say, wow 100 dollars isn't a lot these days..( NOT US.. IT HELPED US TREMENDOUSLY). well if you think that, you have completely missed the point! It is not the amount of the gift.. it is the miracle that just when I NEEDED a reminder of HIS provision- I received a reminder!You know what I am talkng about- How many times have you felt like you were at the VERY bottom.?. and that CALL came from a friend, the ONE friend that NEVER calls.. God was reminding you: " I am Here, I will never forsake you" Or you hear a SERMON that was meant JUST for YOU.. or an encouraging WORD that spoke to your heart.. those "little things" are really big things because The Heavenly Father is aggressively, deliberately, speaking to US.. that's right.. That's a big thing! The Children of Israel were getting depressed because ALL they saw was the FOUNDATION of the Temple.. God said," don't despise the day of Small things!... The same GOD who builds the foundation will add to it.. HE will PROVIDE the workers, and the materials.. so that the work will be completed! Let's appreciate ALL HIS reminders of HIS love for us!!... OH yeah.. I studied the plain Block-handwriting on the envelope and tried my best to figure out just WHO sent us that money... I figured it out....

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