Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Beauty of Open Hearts - John, the Taiwanese Princess, and Stella Bella

" Hi Clayton.. sorry we missed you when you guys were in FT Lauderdale in October..we have a few days off after we are considering going to Atlanta...Will you guys be in town? Where do you go dancing ? Would be lovely to meet you..."

That's all it took... the Taiwanese Dancing Princess captured my heart..and the heart of my beautiful Samba Queen...

John and Sandra are part of the "Gina crew" who opened the door of dancing JOY for Maria and me four years ago.. but we had not been blessed to meet them in course..we plotted and planned and worked out the details.. " IT WAS GONNA HAPPEN.. and the bonus blessing?? Another beautiful Florida dance Amiga would join us as well.. the BEAUTIFUL Columbian Dancing Queen Stella..
Our beautiful dance friends came bearing gifts... Sweet Stella... thank you for showing up at Nemoes Hustle night with your beautiful Ingrid... thank you for blessing me with your sweetness and those awesome fun hustles...

Thank you for....
Putting up with my southern flavored red neck Spanish
Thank you for your encouragement in my dancing
Thank you for opening up your kind humble heart to us..and offering a room for Maria and me next time we make it to Florida.. thank you for the beautiful flower you gave Maria.... such a fitting gift.. usted es un Hermosa flor

John and Sandra.. Thank you for...
Driving the down to the Callaway Farm so Y'ALL ( plural.. you two..and Bella Stella) could hang out with us..
Thank you for the chocolates..the fruit.. the sangria..
Thank you for the AWESOME fun Bachata lesson in our living room.. too fun.. 
And...Princess Sandra... you gave me such beautiful pearls of great price.. your warm heart exudes sweetness and love and light.. here's a few TREASURES YOU GAVE ME that Sunday night in our home:
The way you asked for a SECOND plate of clays famous enchilada casserole.

The beautiful hustle that you and I shared to that killer NUCLEAR ELECTRIC Bruno Mars Song.. and may I remind you?? What's the NAME OF THAT SONG?? Yes.." TREASURE".. yes..yes. yes.. you ARE..
And I will always remember this ..
Sandra said " CLAY -will you play the guitar for us before we leave tonight..? "

Clay replied " AWW. You are so sweet to want me to do that?"
Sandra said " well... I know what kind of things are important ...."

Yes Sandra.. I also am blessed to know what things are important..and I know what is beautiful....I know WHO is beautiful..