Friday, January 29, 2010

EVERY LIFE IS PRECIOUS( even if they never throw a touchdown pass)

Greetings nascar fans, paedobaptists, and manichaens! It's that time again.. yep its time for some dusty ramblings from the old cotton chopper!! It's been raining a lot down here in the country, but the clouds rolled away last weekend fer a spell!!! long enough for the old satellite dish to start working again- and I certainly enjoyed watching the March for Life on EWTN!! It's good to see our Roman Catholic friends taking the lead in proclaiming a culture of Life! We protestants could really learn a thing or two from them about taking a firm stand! Thanks Yall!I have been hearing the last few days that the superstar quarterback Tim Tebow is going to make a pro-life commercial that will run during the Superbowl. Tebow's mom was counseled to abort the child that she was carrying many years ago- the risk was too great.... well... we know the REST of the story-Mrs. Tebow KNEW that she was carrying a LIFE in her womb, she knew the right thing to do... and the baby was born and became one of the greatest college football players ever! Thats a great story... because it's true!!! Let me say that I like Tebow. I admire his unashamed witness for the Gospel of Jesus Christ- I could do with out the taking Bible verses out of context and pasting them under your eyelids...( Yeah I know... I'm a ultra conservative Christian so I'm SUPPOSED to LIKE THAT kind of stuff- SORRY- God's Word is not to be cut and pasted like a link on your facebook profile page- You are supposed to read it as a WHOLE- when Paul said," I can Do all things thru Christ who strengthens me", he was'nt talking about throwing a touchdown- it was about being content even when you suffer )- sorry but I digressed... ok where was I??? oh yeah- I like a guy that boldly proclaims Christ, speaks up for the PRO-life cause ... so Yes- I'm glad they did the commercial... I have'nt seen it yet.. and yet I am FEARFUL... - I hope that people do'nt get the wrong idea after seeing the commercial- I hope people understand the REAL reason we should'nt abort our children. You know what I am talking about.. some very well-intentioned people use the worst ever arguments against abortion.. you 've heard them.. "You should'nt abort your baby- what if he's the one who will grow up and find the cure for cancer, or be the next Bach, or Einstein, or do this great thing or do that great thing..."," why Mrs Tebow would have aborted the great Tim Tebow if she had listened to the doctors"!!... Dear Friends... are ya catching this??? can you see it??? That line of reasoning is from the Devil himself..." in other words.." Do'nt kill your baby and risk killing someone who will grow up to be a WORTHWHILE human being... " WELL... those of us who follow the Nazarene know the truth- the truth is : ALL LIFE IS PRECIOUS because we are CREATED in the IMAGE of GOD and we each have an ETERNAL SOUL- thats why the Scriptures command us " Thou shalt not Murder" .. EVERY SOUL is precious... every life is to be protected.. ALL human beings are "worthwhile"... I pray that THE TRUE message of the sanctity of life will be conveyed by the Tebow commercial... today, throughout the world countless numbers of children have been aborted... those little ones should have been allowed to live... no matter what they would have "turned out to be"... I hope Tebow goes all the way with this one and I do'nt have to throw the penalty flag... we'll see- ...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

THE REASON FOR THE HAITI EARTHQUAKE??( Judging the Sin of the Suffering)

Hi friends! It's been a while since we've visited- but the earthquake in Haiti has stirred up the old Agrarian Agitator.. yep it's time for me to put in my two cents worth! So here we go again.. here's some crumbs from the poor man's table- maybe you'll find a little nourishment here... Ya never know! It seems that lots of folks are reaching out to the suffering in Haiti with prayers, food, clothes, money, and ALL kinds of help! That's encouraging... but it seems that SOME folks are speculating on the "WHY" of the earthquake.." why did this happen to THEM???.. ",. We see this often- a tragedy happens, someone goes through a trial or tribulation and it's not long till the self appointed prophets of judgement and doom tell us WHY it happened... "Why THOSE people must be REALLY EVIL- Yeah... that HAS to be it.. if only they were nice and respectable and righteous ( LIKE US) .. they would have escaped this tragedy" Thats what we hear... time and time again... When I hear that kind of response, I am reminded of the story of Jesus and His disciples when they were discussing "tragedies" one day- the story is found in LUKE 13- the following is the Clay Callaway Standard Version:

One day Jesus' disciples asked Him if he had heard about a couple of TRAGEDIES. It seems that some men were working on a tower and there was an accident.. the tower fell on them( earthquake???) and they were killed... and there were some men who were put to death by Pilate... YEP- those disciples loved "toting" tales of tragedy that day, they had an itch.. and Jesus KNEW it so HE started scratching..Jesus asked them ," Do you think that these men were terrible SINNERS and THAT's the REASON this Happened???" Before they could answer, Jesus gave them the TRUTH( He had a habit of doing THAT)... Jesus said" NO- BUT I TELL YOU THAT UNLESS YOU REPENT, YOU WILL LIKEWISE PERISH"

In other words, Jesus was saying, " Do'nt be examining the WHY- Do'nt be judging the "sin-status" of those who suffer... that is NOT the ISSUE... The issue is YOU... How is YOUR HEART??? Have you repented??? and IF YOU TRULY have.... guess what??? You will reach out in LOVE to those who are hurting. You will pray for them, you will give food to those who hunger, clothes to the naked, water to the thirsty. Remember when Jesus said," In as much as you have done unto the least of THESE, you have done in unto ME??" There are men,women, and children who were created in the image of God underneath the rubble in Haiti. They do'nt need you speculating on the "degree of their sin"- they need you to pray for them- they need food,clothing, and medicine. They do'nt need judgement- They need help. " Except YOU REPENT, you will likewise Perish"