Saturday, February 14, 2009

THE BIBLICAL REASON FOR CHILDREN"S CHURCH( or How I became a kinder and "gentler" Calvinist)

I am one of THOSE.. yep a Calvinist! It's a nickname for someone who appreciates the Doctrines of Grace.. and YES.. appreciates the teaching of the Reformer, John Calvin( ok.. NO comments about Servetus and the fire.. that is 5 centuries ago!)Lots of folks think of us as very stoic.. and at the same time- ANGRY.. and AGAINST LOTS of things!! Many times Calvinists are against churches having a Children's Church program.. the train of thought is: Families need to be together in the Worship of God! The parents should teach their children the proper conduct for worship.. and so on.. I AGREE with the anti-children's church crowd about these points.. AND at the same time I believe that Children's Church SHOULD be available for young children.It should be optional .. never mandatory!!!I used to be an ANTI-children's church fellow!! YEP it's true.. and I have been the Children's Church director at My church for at least 10 years.. what happened??? Well, this might be too SIMPLISTIC.. but I started thinking about a BIBLE verse.. this Scripture reminded me that we need to HELP our brothers and sisters in Christ to teach their children the proper conduct for worship. We should feel privileged that we can spend time with the covenant children! We can help prepare for the time when they will sit and listen to the sermon, we need to teach them the elements of Worship AND the Creeds and Catechisms of Our Faith! The anti-C.C. folks need to understand: Yes , families should be together, yes parents should teach the proper conduct.. but stop and think for just one moment.. Should'nt we do EVERYTHING we can to help our brothers and sisters in Christ raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord? Should'nt we rejoice that we can fulfill the vows we make at the Sacrament of Baptism? remember ,you said that you would help.. you raised your Hand.. You said amen!! There is nothing like watching a covenant child grow in their Knowledge of God's Word; reciting the creeds, and catechisms.. and later on when they sit through the sermon, they WO'NT be coloring the cover of the HYMNAL( please do'nt let em ...especially the TRINITY HYMNAL).. they will be listening for the Heart changing Truth of the Holy Word.. when the Apostle's Creed is recited, they will know it by heart- they will know WHAT IT means.. and why it is important. When they see another child baptized they will be thinking" I am seeing a visible sign of an invisible grace, a holy seal, a holy Mystery.. I will pray for this little one.. that the "sign" will be a reality in his little heart" and while ALL this is happening.. the parents will be so thankful that they had some help.. some of them were young believers when they came to your church, you LOVED so many ways- you showed your LOVE for them by HELPING them with their children in the instruction of our Faith- Some of those families had NEVER BEEN to a worship service together.. your C.C. program was an answer to prayer.SOMEONE LOVED THEM. as the Lord drew them unto Himself, you were being used by God to teach the Gospel to their children.. YOU WERE LOVING THEM.. because of your committment, They NOW sit together as a family in Worship... How did this happen??? Someone LOVED them... It was JESUS

"Beloved, Let us LOve ONE ANOTHER, for Love is Of God and everyone that LOVES in Born of God and Knows God" I John 4:7

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  1. Clay, I am so glad to find your blog. My children have and are gaining so much from your love to them as CC director and SS teacher. We struggled with this decision for a while, too, thinking that we should have our babies on up with us during the entire worship service. But God has softened that a bit, showing us that we can teach our children to worship each evening in family worship or in corporate worship or by allowing someone to teach them the elements of worship when they might instead be scribbling on a hymnal:-) Thank you for teaching them. Thank you for your heart for the Lord and our children.

    Tif & Eric