Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ministry Team meeting: FIRST CHURCH OF JERUSALEM Part 2

Ok, let's take another trip back in time to the early days of the Church- The city: Jerusalem, the time: shortly after Jesus ascended to Heaven , Let's listen in on the Ministry team meeting of the FIRST CHURCH of Jerusalem( ok.. Now You see the blurry ,wavy lines that make you think you are going back in time..)
ELDER: ok , everyone, I call this meeting to order.. at the last meeting I asked you guys to make SURE that we had the coolest looking GIANT scroll to tack on the wall of the Church so that the congregation can read the words of the hymns.. without having to look at the scrolls in the pews..and I am glad to say that YOU guys did your jobs!!! EVERYONE is talking about how easy it is now to sing the praise songs.. that was too much work using those old , out-dated scrolls.. I know we are really going to get a LOT of positive comments... and YES.. I am proud to say that ALL the Elders are pleased with the way that the PRAISE singers are wearing matching tunics.. it's making the worship"experience" so much more appealing...but please ask the guy playing the drums to ease up a little.. what do yall think this is?? a SATURNALIA FESTIVAL???
DEACON: Uh.. Elder .. sorry to interrupt .. but I wanted to ask.. has anything been done about the children that are being abandoned at the edge of the city?? remember how i told you? the parents are leaving their unwanted children at the edge of the city and the wild dogs are.. well.. you know.. well.. I was just thinking .. maybe we need to get on this.. you know ..send some folks out to rescue these children.. and take them into our homes..I would be glad to get started today.....
ELDER: uh.. yes Deacon, I remember ..and I did tell you that NOT EVERYONE has completed the Spiritual gifts survey yet... How can we know who is really gifted to do this???and another thing.. does this fit in with our CHURCH growth strategy?? you know Deacon Philip is an expert in how to grow a company.. do you remember how that Cana Wine Company turned things around last year???. yep.. Philip was the point man for that... remember the catchy slogan" IT ALL started with 6 Stone water pots.. the miracle continues: Cana Wine And Beverage Company" Philip is working on a "catch phrase" I mean a uh... a.....a Vision statement for us....
DEACON: Allright Elder, I will wait on everyone to complete the survey... we sure do'nt want to ask people to rescue children.. or to do ANYTHING that they are not equipped to do...

" Pure and UNDEFILED religion before GOD and the Father is this: to visit ORPHANS and widows in their TROUBLE, and to keep one-self unspotted from the world". James 1: 27

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