Monday, February 11, 2013


My wife and I work in Children's Ministry. I lead the Children's Church Team and MOST Sunday's I am not in the congregation with the " old people"..I am with the little Presbyterians.. leading THEIR Worship Service.. singing the hymns and Praise songs and reminding them that God's Love is a FREE GIFT- and that HE loves them with all HIS Love.. what a blessing to have such a joy-filled calling..  yes.. SOMETIMES.. I am in the service with the "old people".. and ok.. a little CONFESSION HERE : while the congregation is singing the songs.. I am looking down upon them from my place in the Balcony.. "checking on" some of my FORMER Little Presbyterians.. the children who have grown up under my ministry.. and watching the ones who will be with me in the Children's Worship in the years to come.. 

Yesterday.. there I was watching from my lofty perch.. my old eyes wandering to and fro .. looking for those who USED to be LITTLE Presbyterians.... yep.. there on the platform I see young people playing their instruments and lifting up their voices in song.. ALL for HIS Glory.. , helping the congregation to Worship.. My heart is warmed and my eyes are watery..

Then I see those who will be joining me soon.. Little boys and girls still small enough to be held in mom and dad's arms as the congregation stands and sings Praises.. Little Voices... proclaiming His Goodness... Little Hands raised toward heaven... ready to receive the Blessing that Jesus PROMISED them: " Let the little children come unto me and forbid them not.. for of such is the Kingdom of God"... I saw a sermon being "played out" before my eyes....

a darling little brown haired angel was being held by her mommy.. raising her hands.. singing His Praises...
she stopped singing.... then she leaned close into mommy's ear.. and whispered something... Mom leaned down to the pew with the little one.. and the tiny precious hands grabbed something from the seat of the pew... and held it up high as she began singing and praising again...   It was a Valentine Heart that she had surely made in Sunday School that morning... she held it up toward Heaven each time a Praise song was sung..
I know what the little Girl whispered to mommy... yep.. I could'nt hear from my place in the Balcony.. but my Heart told me... the little one whispered..' Mommy.. I wanna give my Heart to Jesus"...

Watery Eyes... and a Warm Heart.. Happy Valentine's Day

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