Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wrapped in Tears, Heartache and Pain( tied with a Ribbon of Selfishness)

The mom looked tired and stressed. The little girl was probably three years old.. smiling and  laughing and talking and singing. Innocence and joy danced in her voice as she belted out the words," Away in a Manger". .. my wife and I were in the booth behind them...enjoying our meal and our serenade .. It was almost Christmas and our little friend in the neighboring booth was our early gift..  a gift that was wrapped in tears, and heartache, and pain... the bow was a ribbon of selfishness.. but for a moment, our little friend boldly and bravely cast off that ugly wrapping.. and shined the Light of a Christmas Star..

I saw the wrapping of selfishness and sadness from the start.. it was the aura that hovered over their booth like a fog... it was all around them.. .the mom was doing her best to encourage her little singing star..her affirmations were uttered between sobs and tears as she talked with the man that was with them. The conversation told me that he was NOT the little girl's Father. He was NOT the Step-Father.. He was the Boyfriend...the one who tied the bow..while the mom held her finger on the ribbon.

" I just want you to know. Mama said she is cooking and we can get there anytime we want.. I told her that you like to sleep late on Christmas Day.." as the mom spoke these words the little girl continued to sing...." No crib for a Bed".......

" mama just said we can't spend the night there together.. you know how mama feels about that..."

" the little Lord Jesus lay Down His sweet Head".....

I glanced at the boyfriend who sat there eating his food in if he were a million miles away... but he was there.. he was busy.. sharpening a sword...

" the Stars in the sky...." before the little girl could finish the line.. a cruel fist pounded the table.... the connected booths vibrated as the boyfriend's anger was felt by all of us... he looked at the little girl and barked," let me tell you what YOU are going to DO. you are gonna sit there and shut up... ".. the words that spewed forth were vulgar and angry.. Evil was speaking.. berating innocence .. inflicting eternal wounds upon an already scarred and aching heart..

the little girl quietly cried... a "whimper" was faintly heard from time to time as they finished their meal in silence... My wife and I finished our meal in silence .. we left the restaurant before they did... on the way home we prayed for a miracle for this "family"... NO.... really we did'nt...  ACTUALLY we prayed that a MIRACLE would occur... and that they would BECOME a FAMILY..

Christmas is about family.. it's about children... it's about giving and love and all the good things... ALL the "GOOD" that is found in the Story of God's Love for Mankind...When that LOVE finds a home in the heart of any man, woman, or child .the wrappings of tears , heartaches and pain are cast off... the tight ribbon of selfishness is broken... the shroud of death and darkness is discarded... and the LIGHT SHINES...

Shine His Light this Christmas. Pray for the Children.EVERYWHERE..!.

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