Sunday, July 15, 2012


My wife and I got bit... yep... it's true. It does no good to pretend it didn't happen.. We have been infected... we have a FEVER and the ONLY PRESCRIPTION is MORE...... DANCING...!! Yep.. we are now OFFICIALLY part of this sub-culture that at one time seemed so mysterious and frightening .. not "scary movie" kind of frightening... but  the " I could NEVER do THAT" kind of frightening...and THAT kind of FEAR is the WORST.... it held us back from so much JOY.. .. and I am going to tell you how it all started....( ok... now the picture gets blurry and wavy ... cuz I am going back in my mind to the past- stay with me on this....)

I am part of an Alumni group that started getting together for dancing and fun a few years ago... Maria and I have always LOVED dancing.. but we did'nt know how...and the GOOD thing is... THAT HAS NEVER STOPPED us from getting out on the floor.. My lovely Mexican Bride grew up with lots of music and dancing in her home.. FIESTA was a priority in her family.. so... She has always been ready to have a good time- FIESTA does a foxtrot in her heart every time she hears music.. no dance floor ever frightened her...

as for me....

I started performing when I was a teenager in rock bands, and  in local shows here in our little town. it did'nt bother to me to be on stage... and yes.. I was the resident Elvis impersonator..and ya know what that means... I was never afraid to move around and look  totally RIDICULOUS while in the spotlight.. I really was'nt afraid of a dance floor either...

So what was the FEAR....???

We were AFRAID of what it would take..... to LEARN HOW TO REALLY DANCE.... we had lots of EXCUSES.. here's a few of  'em... in no particular order:

              Excuse # 367- we do'nt have time- we work too much
              Excuse # 287- we are old
              Excuse# 78  -   we are old( yeah... that one kept popping up over and over)

the Excuse Recliner was kinda comfortable... it was safe... and it did'nt require a lot of effort to enjoy it... so there we sat... in our  His and Hers Excuse Recliners... every Friday and Saturday night.. TV remote and lap top on the Lamp Table... THEN... we met "THEM"....

The " THEM" was a group of  special Friends who are REAL DANCERS...many years ago they decided to be disciplined... to learn how to REALLY dance.. and because of that... They dance with REAL JOY- they do'nt have to look down at the floor, they do'nt have to count their steps... Joy and FREEDOM are in every Twirl and step.. Maria and I want that... and we are on our way...we are growing every week...

we have a long way to go in this pursuit.. but we are blessed ... sometimes... every so often.. that magic happens... and we don't have to count our steps... we don't have to look down...

and it's PURE JOY... and for that we are forever grateful to our Dancing Friends...

Cha Cha Cha....


  1. So delightful to hear how you got the dancing bug, thanks for sharing. Wish more people would get the courage, get off their comfort zone, and get on the dance floor. It keeps you young, happy and improved your health in general. Keep sharing the joy of dancing :)

  2. Thanks so much Miki!!! You are so kind and encouraging !!!

  3. Thanks so much Miki!!! You are so kind and encouraging !!!

  4. I am so glad I met you guys last weekend. It was the first weekend that I actually had fun. Looking forward to many more!

  5. Victoria francola.. we LOVE YOU ALREADY.. :)

  6. It's always a pleasure to read how you found the joy of dancing, without counting or looking down. Dancing is such a freeing experience of pure joy in the moment. Thanks Clayton for sharing. You and Maria are like sunshine on the dance floor. Keep on bringing the sunshine. Love Mikk