Sunday, October 11, 2015

The JOY of a simple BOX-STEP ( Lessons from Ballroom 1)

My bride and I have been "learning" how to ballroom dance for almost 4 years now.. It has been a serendipitous adventure to say the least... "Magic", " Joy" , " Fun" and " Merriment" are just a few of the words that I use to describe the evenings we spend at the Ballroom with all our friends.Like many people, Maria and I had no idea what " Ballroom Dancing" was all about.. we thought all dancing was like " BAR-ROOM " dancing.. you know.. people who overindulged in adult beverages, leaning close against each other, swaying to ( and most of the TIME NOT TO) the music... boy were we wrong......

       " There are shortcuts to happiness- and dancing is one of them"

   after taking lessons, and practicing a lot at home... and watching a gazillion DVDs and YOUTUBE videos on " DANCING" , we have pretty much learned the basic steps of lots of dances... its a HUGE part of our lives.. we have learned that Ballroom is REAL ladies and REAL gentlemen , fellowshipping together, learning proper dance frame and form - YES.. YES ...YES.. yes.. but.. THE MOST IMPORTANT thing about Ballroom is not the "complicated " intricate steps" that you feel "pressured" to "nail" every time... it's about "connecting" with your partner ... in time with the music.. and you can do that with a simple box step...

       after no formal lessons for almost 3 and a half years, I recently began taking Ballroom 1 with a GREAT instructor named Warren- He and His team have an awesome program, They teach people how to dance... yes... but they also teach people that Ballroom is about " FELLOWSHIP" and "community" - connecting with REAL friends, getting to know people- and that can Happen with a SIMPLE BOX STEP- Now My Samba Queen and I learned the basics of the Rumba Box step about four years ago- but.. as with any passion, you can ALWAYS learn when you review. I am learning SO MUCH in Ballroom 1- being reminded of proper form, being reminded of how to be a good leader in the dance, how to focus on being a gentleman at the Ballroom- thank you warren. this is all such a huge blessing for me.

      One of the special blessings of being a part of Warren's program is being able to dance with ladies who are REALLY REALLY BEGINNERS.. and to see the JOY on THEIR FACES when they are able to do a SIMPLE BOX step- their eyes LIGHT UP and the frown that they walked in with DISAPPEARS and a sunshiny joyfilled smile appears- they feel the magic... they appreciate someone who will do that basic box step with them over and over... just "connecting".. just enjoying the music.. and the fellowship.. yes... BEGINNING LADIES APPRECIATE a gentleman who will dance with them in a simple basic box step- you see.. THEY "get it" ... and that's why the JOY they experience is so infectious and inspiring-

                            our beautiful friend Sherry- doing an awesome job learning ballroom- her heart of joy and love inspires everyone at the ballroom
our beautiful daughter Hannah- a BEGINING BALLROOM DANCER who is having fun and enjoying the fellowship and community of this FAMILY FRIENDLY world of BALLROOM

   I love dancing with NEW DANCERS - they understand... its about fun, fellowship, community, being with friends.. there are some people who are skilled , accomplished, polished dancers, - dancing with beginners  for them  is a "chore" a "burden" " it's boring" . SOME people don't get it... and that is so sad... so very sad..

     looking forward TO MY BALLROOM 1 LESSSON THIS WEEK AT Jonesboro First Baptist..

     looking forward to community.. to fellowship... to fun...


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