Sunday, March 6, 2011


It's about that time! The buttercups are no longer whispering! They ae standing TALL and they are SHOUTING! Reminding us that SPRING is on the WAY! Spring is the time when students start feeling the fever.. they are marking off the days .. anxious for the school year to end! Graduations, parties, cookouts.... the young people have a fever and the only prescription is :...???? NO.... NOT MORE COWBELL... the "restlessness" they feel can only be relieved by a MISSION TRIP.... Yep... it's the truth... Lots and lots of people will be sending YOU a letter.... asking you to PRAY and TO CONTRIBUTE... and YOU should feel privileged that you can participate... The money that you give will be used to touch someone's heart with God's Love... Thats ALWAYS a wonderful thing.... it's NEVER a bad thing.... send the envelope back.. with a check enclosed( give up the Starbucks for a couple of weeks and put that money to good use in the Kingdom of God) and by all means PRAY that the Lord will use the young people of the church in fulfilling the Great Commission!It's also important to lift up the Mission Trip leaders and Pastors.... they have a tough job....

As you pray for the Mission Trip leaders, Pastors, and participants, ask God to do the following:

1.) Pray that the leaders will make sure that ALL MISSION TRIP participants have BEEN BAPTIZED, and that they are communing members of the local Church.. It's not good to be carrying out the Great Comission .. if you have not received ALL the BLESSINGS associated with the GREAT COMMISSION! Leaders... let me ask you something.. IS BAPTISM IMPORTANT??? Jesus said it IS.. IS Church MEMBERSHIP important??? I think we know the answer.. Baptism and Church membership should be THE PRIMARY requirements for Mission Trip participation

2.) Pray that everyone that participates in a Mission Trip will believe God will do GREAT THINGS ! Lives WILL be changed because they show God's Love to others!" Did I not tell you that if you would believe, you would see the Glory Of God"

3.) Pray for youth group teams who will be working with children this summer on their mission trips.. many of you have seen the photos of children that mission teams work with every summer.. you know the stories behind the photos... so many children dont have loving parents, they do'nt have anyone to really love them.. If the young people of your church are going to work with children this summer... they need LOTS of prayers and encouragement...

4.) Pray that the the youth will understand that there are children RIGHT HERE.. in their OWN CHURCH who NEED THEM... the Lord Jesus wants them to use their gifts to minister to the children in their own local congregation... It's important to go to Judea, Samaria,and the ends of the earth to share the Gospel and build relationships... but how bout HERE?? in your " Jerusalem"??? let me ask you this ,young person- when's the last time you worked in the nursery??? when's the last time you helped out with Children's Church?? When's the last time you stopped in the hallway at church to say hello to a little one??? They NEED YOU.. and you NEED to share your gifts with them... When you come back from your mission trip this summer... start looking for ways to bless the children of your OWN church:)

well..... thats about all the crumbs from this poor man's table that I could find.... remember, I am praying for all of you.. Pray for me.... and pray for the children....everywhere.......

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