Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Works Salvation Taught By Campus Ministries(I think i'll just join a Fraternity)

Hello again Kids! It's me again.. yep the old Cotton chopper is back with some crumbs from the poor man's table.. sorry it ai'nt much.. but such as I have, I will give you... ! The fields are all plowed, Papa has got all the fields plowed up and things are already growing... the old summertime is not too far off... Lots of the college students are home for the summer. Some of 'em are blessed to have jobs.. some are still lookin, so pray for them- I ran into some college students the other day down at the general store.. It was good to see the young people back in town... they are learning lots of important stuff at them there institutions of higher learning, they are doing good, serving in ministries on campus.. doing service projects... now THATS GOOD STUFF... I was proud to hear about it.. but it also seems some NOT so good things are happening in some of them student ministries.. it was kinda shocking... kinda sad..

It seems that some of those OutREACH Ministries to College students have developed what they call a " Clique" mentality... Yep- you got it... I said it( well, actually I typed it) the leaders of one of these ministries make the other believers feel like they are LESS if they are'nt part of the "leadership" group- the WORST part is that these leaders are telling the members of the ministry what to do in EVERY area of their life, how to schedule their time, where to live, etc etc. where to go to church.. yep... its happening and this is sad... because some of the young believers who want to minister are coming away from meetings broken- thinking that they are not GOOD Christians if they do'nt "tow the Line".. they are not really serving God with all their heart if they don't do it the way the Campus Ministry Leader says to do it... this is sad... can you say "PERFORMANCE- Based affirmation..." Yes.. I thought you could....

Now before ya start accusing the old Agrarian Agitator of being agitated because some hyper-sensitive college students are whining about their insecurities.. let me say this.. that ai'nt the case- The students who told me this were not at the recieving end of this crazy attitude from minstry was some other students on campus.. who were and are devastated.. My rant here is to let yall know whats going on... the leaders of the ministry leaders need to look into what is being communicated , the mental manipulation that is going on...this cult-like mentality has crippled other once - vibrant, effective ministries.. churches that faithfully preach the Word have been hurt because of the Reformed Righteous Rabble-Rousers who are'nt content to preach Liberty of conscience ... they have to BIND the conciences of their followers -the old check list has to be dusted off so that the students can make the appropriate marks on the "score-sheet" ... do'nt forget to add the " How Reformed are you ?" application to your facebook page... it's a good witness... and oh Yeah... have a great time witnessing on the Beach this summer.. WE will be watching.... and keeping score....

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