Sunday, November 15, 2009

King David Danced a Mean Electric Slide( thats why His wife was Jealous)

Many of you know the story of King David of Israel. He threw a mean sling-shot and he worked magic with his lyre. His songs were healing balms for the melancholy soul of King Saul - and his Psalms are with us today. Everyone likes to talk about the episode with Bathsheba- The Rich King , the OTHER woman, the AFFAIR. The "young and the Restless" ain't got nothing on the David and Bathsheba story... yep- we know our King David stuff... but I want us to think about the "dancing episode"... Do'nt remember that one.???. well, here goes.. David and His men were bringing the ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem..The people were singing, The cymbals were ringing, the timbrels were timbreling.. and they were praising the Lord with loud music-( David and his Posse didnt lead worship at the Presbyterian Church in Jerusalem- they musta been pentecostal)- The Bible tells us that "David danced before the Lord with all his might, and David was girded with a linen ephod". Now David's wife, Michal was looking from her window and she saw her husband, The KING of Israel dancing without his KINGLY WARDROBE, leaping and jumping, like a COMMONER... it says that Michal"despised him in her heart"- so after offering sacrifices, David passed out party favors to all the people: A cake of bread, some meat, and a flagon of wine( you dont have to bring your own bottle to King David's parties... he a swinging host). After receiving their goody bags, everyone went home to check their facebook status.... and King david went home to check on the MICHAL status... and it was a big dis-like symbol from her... She Nagged him about" getting down with the people", she said that he UNCOVERED HIMSELF- David "let his hair down" , threw off the kingly robes, and started praising the Lord with his dance... Michal was a stickler for decorum and propriety.. Michal do'nt allow no dancing praise around here.. well, David did'nt care what Michal do'nt allow- gonna do his dance anyhow! and he told her so...David said" IT was BEFORE THE LORD... and you ai'nt seen nothing yet... at NEXT weeks party... I'm doing the electric slide... so there..." I LOVE this story of David and HIS dancing... Now in FULL disclosure, I have to say that I do NOT believe DANCE is supposed to be an element of a "New Testament Worship service- you and I will "argue" about this later( in another blog-lol)... I just like to focus on the dancing!!! Maria and I have been doing a lot of dancing lately... mostly with my friends from my youth( High school friends) and we are having a wonderful time... when we dance, the concerns of life are put upon a shelf... if only for a while- - we throw off our Kingly Robes of formality... and we put on the linen ephod of joy and happiness... we become like children... is'nt it funny.... children express their joy by dancing... and how do WE( the brilliant adults) respond," You stop that now... you are acting silly"... Our wise little friends are trying to teach us something.It does'nt matter if you look silly( or if you are old, or overweight, or not graceful,...i.e. past 40 -can I get a witness???).The lesson is this- "If you are happy and you know it clap your hands( and move your feet)....."- OH yeah !!!thanks Kim for teaching Maria and I the "to the left to the left" dance... maybe NEXT time.... The Electric Slide..

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