Monday, July 6, 2009


I 've been thinking( I know what YOU are thinking- uh oh.. NOT AGAIN) and I have decided that Sarah Palin is GUILTY- yep.. I said it... I mean come on... ALL the media attention on the Governor of Alaska?? She HAS to be guilty.. and when the prestigious MSNBC tells me that she's guilty.. something has to be going on..So .. I did some thinking and I have come to the conclusion that INDEED SARAH IS GUILTY.. so Now That I've got her in my courtroom.. I'm going to do me some "charging" and "pronouncing" ( and later some Ciphering)-here goes:

I Charge Sarah Palin(hereafter referred to as SP) with the crime of believing in The Triune God of the Universe who has revealed Himself in The Savior of the World- Jesus Christ

I charge SP with believing in the sanctity of Marriage and showing her belief by being married to the SAME man for all these many years

I charge SP with being 100% pro-life- she loves her children- and she chose to allow her Downs child to live, when other women in her position would have opted for an abortion

I charge SP with the hideous crime of loving her daughter that conceived a child out of wedlock, for encouraging a culture of Life, and displaying unconditional love in a challenging situation

I charge SP with the unspeakable acts of working hard, getting an education, wanting to serve her community and her state, looking for ways to save taxpayers money,and in additon to these barbarous acts- she has the unmitigated gall of reminding all public servants that they work FOR the PEOPLE!

I charge SP with believing that the God that she worships created the world and everything in it- for this unspeakable crime- she must surely be held accountable

I charge SP with holding the archaic belief that TRUTH is NOT relative

I charge SP with "shaking up" the status quo, enraging the liberal media, shocking the GOP, angering the pundits, confusing Karl Rove, Mike Huckaby, Charles Krauthammer, and ALL the others,and turning the political world upside down

I charge SP with "connecting" with AMERICA, being epistemologically self-concious( ok.. philosophy majors- do your homework), and becoming a thorn in the side of SO MANY who HATE HER

I charge SP with being a bright and shining star- a breath of fresh Air

I, therefore, in light of all the evidence , do find Sarah Palin 100% Guilty as Charged-

whats the 'SENTENCE" going to be??? well..... we shall see.... we shall see...

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